Coronavirus disease: Advice and information

Visit the Norwegian Institute of Public Health's topic page about the new coronavirus disease, COVID-19. There you will find all the national information and regulations which also apply to the Vadsø region.

Information about how you can avoid getting infected, or how to prevent infecting other people, is to be found on this page: General advice and information to the public.

Corona – Quarantine

Foreign nationals who have come to Norway from abroad and are therefore quarantined, but have not developed infection symptoms, may now leave Norway.

If they choose to stay in Norway, they must remain in quarantine for the full period.

Foreign nationals in quarantine because they have been in contact with infected persons in Norway must remain in quarantine for the full period.
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New restrictions for travelers to Vadsø municipality

The municipality of Vadsø have from 15. March 2020 imposed the following restrictions:
  • People arriving in Vadsø after travelling south of the border between former Troms and Finnmark shall undergo quarantine for 14 days after arrival.
  • Airport transit is not regarded as staying in these regions.
  • Travelers that develop symptoms or corona-virus infection must act according to the instructions for isolation given by the Norwegian authorities.
This is valid for all travelers entering the municipality after 10. March 2020.
More information about quarantine and restrictions can be found on

Local advice or health care in Vadsø:

The municipality of Vadsø has a phone service, the corona information phone. The number is (+47) 78942523 (open every day from 08:00-15:30).

Information in other languages: