Now you can apply for Fritidskortet again

The Municipality of Vadsø is continuing its Fritidskortet, or leisure card, pilot project. In the spring of 2020, you can apply for reimbursement until 15 June. The first application deadline is 01 May, with reimbursements made around 15 May.

What is Fritidskortet? 

The card is intended as a service for all children and youths aged 6–18, where you get up to NOK 1000 every six months to spend on leisure time activities. Fritidskortet is personal. The aim of the project is to promote increased participation and inclusion.

What does Fritidskortet cover?

Participation fees for one or several activities up to NOK 1000 per child per six months. Training fees, sports licenses, membership fees, etc. are included in the scheme. Fritidskortet covers organized leisure time activities with 10 or more scheduled events per six months. If you paid fees for participation until summer 2020 in late 2019, and the amount you paid in late 2019 exceeded the NOK 1000 covered by Fritidskortet during that period, enter the excess amount in the application form and you can have it covered by Fritidskortet for spring 2020.

The card does not cover holiday services, camps or tournaments. The card may not be used for cinema visits, bowling or other self-organized activities. Sporting equipment, instruments, etc. is not covered by Fritidskortet.

Who is eligible for Fritidskortet?

Children and youths aged 6–18, registered as resident in Vadsø. Siblings are issued one Fritidskort each. The total amount on each Fritidskort is for that specific child, and any remaining or unused amount cannot be transferred to other siblings. Fritidskortet applies from the start of the calendar year you turn 6 until the end of the calendar year you turn 18 years old.

How to apply

Children aged 6–16: One of the child’s parents/guardians must apply on the child’s behalf.
Youths aged 16–18: You can apply yourself, or you can have a parent or guardian apply on your behalf.

You need the bank account number and the child’s name and date of birth to apply for reimbursement. 

·      Apply for reimbursement for activities in 2020

If you need help filling out the application, please contact your school, leisure time activity or the municipality’s service office.

Fritidskortet autumn 2020 

We expect to new funding to be available for Fritidskortet in Vadsø in the autumn of 2020. Unused Fritidskort amounts from the spring of 2020 cannot be transferred to the autumn of 2020.

Reimbursement dates

All Fritidskort applications submitted before 01 May 2020 will receive reimbursement around 15 May.
Reimbursement for applications submitted between 01 May and 15 June will be made around 20 June.

Fritidsfondet in Vadsø

We would also like to remind you of Fritidsfondet in Vadsø which is for children aged 6–18 from low-income families. Fritidsfondet, or the leisure fund, aims to ensure that all children and youths in Vadsø are able to participate in leisure time activities independently of the family’s financial situation. 

Please note that Fritidskortet — the leisure card — is offered to ALL children and youths aged 6–18, whereas Fritidsfondet — the leisure fund — is limited to children and youths from low-income families.

During this pilot project we will look at how best to combine these two schemes.

If your family is receiving social assistance or other benefits from NAV, you may be eligible to have some of your child’s or children’s leisure time expenses covered there.

If you have questions about the Fritidskort project, please contact kommunalsjef Grethe Pleym or Lise Aanesen

This autumn, we plan to reach out to clubs and associations in Vadsø for feedback and comments on this scheme.